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The Dark Side Of My Mind

...the one I'm supposed to have

25 July 1985
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The not so unusual but genious and sick mix between Daria and Wednesday Addams, gigs-junkie, fall-child, Coffee junkie, wasted, cynical, paranoid, evil, romantic in a macabre way, absurd, photo-addicted, vampire, misunderstood but sometimes happy of that, creepy, kinda nerdy, horror movies junkie, with a veeeeeery bad memory, trashy, in love with 80's music, undead, serial tv junkie, in love with cinema and all that's around it, born with a pencil in a hand and with the obsession of giving shape to all that's shapeless, black and white addicted, Tim Burton junkie, lazy, nocturnal and winter, in love with Scotland and people with scottish accent

It's strictly forbidden to take any of my artworks and use them as bases for other stuff. I don't think I'm asking that much.. please respect this little rule
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WeLcOmE tO tHe StRaNgE


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